Our gatherings are each Sunday throughout most of the year with Vineyard Cafe on the last Sunday of each month. There is a summer programme during August which has a variety events and replaces the normal routine due to many people away on holiday in that month.

On a regular Sunday things start at 10:30 with tea and coffee (available throughout) with time to get to meet friends and newcomers before the main meeting starts.  There is also a prayer group from 10:15 to 10:40 which anyone is welcome to attend.

The gathering starts at 10:45 with around 30 minutes of worship and you are welcome to join in as little or a much as you choose.  The worship is generally guitar led and the words are projected onto a screen at the front.  After the worship there is a short break before the talk.  The youth are in the main meeting for the worship time and during the break move off to their own groups.  The kids have a worship time in the their own groups, with activites and fun stuff together for the remainder of the morning.

The Vineyard is founded on the bible as the word of God and our talks are firmly bible based and presented in the context of modern life.  This helps people understand the message thus enhancing the accessibility to the teaching as a model for everyday living.

After the talk there is an opportunity for prayer for anyone who wants to ereceive it, and a lot of time again to get to know people as much or as little as you choose.

The aim of our gatherings is to make our church as accessible a possible to anyone who wnats to come along.  As it has been said about Vineyard, you don't have to say, do or give anything, but if you want to know anthing just ask.

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